Lush puppies

Lush puppies



Here at Lush Puppies, we offer a stress-free, one on one grooming service for all our clients.

We specialise in small-medium sized breeds.

Providing a safe and comfortable environment to ensure that your dog leaves happy, healthy and of course beautiful!




*Prices starting from $65

  • Bath & Blow Dry
  • Full Body Clip
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Nail Trim
  • Face Tidy



*Prices starting from $50

  • Bath & Blow Dry
  • Feet Tidy
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Nail Trim
  • Face Tidy



  • Bath & Blow Dry $20
  • Nail Trim $10
  • Flea wash $10
  • Daycare

add-on to groom $20

*Prices will vary depending on your dogs size and coat


• Daycare $25 per day, per dog.

• Daycare add-on to grooming service $20 per dog.

(dogs must be dropped off and picked up

during our official drop off/ pick up hours)

Overnight stays/ Boarding options are available,

please enquire for a price estimate.

Owners drop their dogs off in the morning and collect them in the afternoon or evening.

We provide a structured schedule for your dog - complete with enrichment activities, cuddles and rest time.

Dog daycare provides a safe and controlled environment where your dog can make friends and have fun. Your dog will be in a fully-supervised play area with other similar-sized dogs.

Your dog will be involved in a wide variety of enrichment activities and social stimulation to ensure that they go home happy and worn out (mentally and physically).

Daycare drop-off and pick up

Please remember to send us a message with your intended drop off and pick up times.

Please drop your dog off any time between 7:30 am and 9 am

Please pick up your dog any time between 4 pm and 5:30pm

Where to

find us

We are located at 7a Penrith Street in Westown New Plymouth.

You will find our home-based grooming salon and daycare up the private drive, first house on the left.

Salon Policy

Cancellations, No Shows & Lateness

Cancellations, No Shows & Lateness can leave us unable to fill a spot and as a small business, this has a profound impact. To Cancel or Reschedule An Appointment:

24 hours given: No Charge

Cancellation is within 24 hours of the appointment, the fee will be:

50% of the groom per dog if the appointment cannot be filled.

The next groom will need to be pre-paid. No-shows and lateness where we can no longer accept the dog, (15 minutes or more), will incur the above fees. Fees will need to be paid in full BEFORE the next groom can be scheduled.

Pricing & Groom Duration

Our pricing is based on standard breed size and of the coat being in good condition upon arrival. Prices may change due to this. Groom times are 2 hours however if the groom time will be longer than 2 hours, you will be notified.

Dangerous or Aggressive Animals – Refusal of Services

We have the right to refuse any services at any time. In the event that your pet is too stressed or becomes too stressed to groom, We have the right to refuse, stop or cancel services at any time before, during or after grooming. The Client will be charged for grooming services rendered up until that point.


Although accidents are very rare, there is a risk when working with live animals. Although we use extreme care in all situations, grooming equipment is sharp and possible accidents can occur (including but not limited to): cuts, nicks, scratches or quicking of the nails. In the event an accident does occur, you will be notified immediately.

Owner's Attendance

Due to the safety of your pet, Staff and yourself, owners are not permitted to be present during grooming. Pets lunging to get to you during grooming or who become very excited are harder to groom and greatly increase the risk of injury. 99% of pets settle well when the owner leaves.


If your pet has any fleas, they will be given a flea bath at your expense ($10) in addition to the base cost of the bath or groom. If you do not want them to receive one, we ask that you reschedule your appointment to a later date, after the fleas have been successfully removed by you.

Daycare + Add Ons

If dogs are dropped off more than 1 hour BEFORE your appointment OR you pick up 1 hour AFTER confirmation that the appointment has been completed, there is a cost of $10 per dog. Dogs can relax in the Salon (couches, beds, toys) and are taken to the toilet outside. Proof of Vaccination is required to attend our daycare.

Photo & Video

We reserve the right to use any photograph and/or video taken during the dog’s stay at Lush Puppies grooming and doggie daycare, on social media, website and marketing without the expressed written permission. A customer can request that a photo/video are withheld from social media.